Ghanon are a UK based paranormal research organisation with members from Wirral, Cheshire, Merseyside, North and Mid Wales. Our aim is to investigate and research paranormal phenomena in a scientific and objective manner.


16 September 2020
We have had a busy few weeks investigating Chillingham Castle, Rowton Moor & Mortuary Road Bus Stop.
5 August 2020
Last weekend we visited Gwrych Castle and St Celynin's Well before an investigation at Llangelynin Old Church.
16 July 2020
Nicky Bendall is promoted to Lead Investigator.
11 July 2020
First vigil in four months held at Shocklach.
14 February 2020
New website launched.
7 February 2020
Shula and Martin Whalley join Ghanon.
7 January 2020
Katie Burns leaves Ghanon after almost 15 years of service.
4 December 2019
Another return to Chillingham Castle with two minor incidents to report in the Grey apartment and Courtyard.
1 November 2019
We recently returned to Rowton Moor in Chester when at 9:16pm we heard what can only be described as a "loud determined thud/bang" twice in succession.
1 November 2019
It had been on the backburner for some time but we finally got to investigate St Botolph's Church in Lincolnshire a few months ago.

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