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woodlands hall vigil.jpg
13 October 2012 - Woodlands Hall Hotel, Ruthin
We returned for a follow up vigil at this splendid hotel in rural North Wales but unfortunately there was nothing significant to report.
hack green nucleur bunker.jpg
22 September 2012 - Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker, Nantwich
There are various hotspots whereby paranormal activity is alleged to take place at this once secret bunker.  Audible and visual, but most of all people have reported feeling unwell, dizzy, uncomfortable etc.  It is not hard to see why a number of people have reported these phenomena.  The whole place has an eerie feel to it with gas masks, geiger counters and mannequins randomly located around the building which is in complete darkness during investigations due to the linked motion detected exhibits.  It feels very much like you've gone back in time!  So it was no surprise that during our vigil one of our investigators has to leave the Government Dept Room at 7:43pm due to feeling unwell.  There were a few other minor incidents, particularly in the Cinema but nothing with any scientific significance.
st chads.jpg
1 September 2012 - Old St Chad's Churchyard, Cheshire
Standing in a field alone, half a mile from the nearest road, the church dates from 1689 and is built on the site of an older timber framed church.  Interestingly, an outbuilding houses an old horse drawn hearse which dates from 1880 having last been used in the 1920's.  There is a legend that if anyone sees a while owl flying down the tower and lands in the churchyard then they, or someone close to them will die.  A couple of other paranormal groups have also visited this location and as it was on our patch, we decided to take a look for ourselves.  At 9:13pm, two investigators heard voices near the outbuilding at the front of the churchyard.  Shortly after we carried out some tests which proved that that sounds could 'possibly' have carried with the wind from a nearby location.  After the vigil, we decided to stop off at one of our more familiar venues just down the rouad; St Edith's Churchyard in Shochlach.  At 1:05am approx, one investigator thought that they may have seen a black figure amongst the gravestones but this may just have been a trick of the light.  However, it was noted that investigators felt more comfortable at St Edith's as opposed to Old St Chad's, even members who had not visited either site before.
private case.jpg
1 September 2012 - A Private Residence in Allerton, Liverpool
One of our investigators has been continually monitoring this location for some time now and has even obtained some unexplained audio prior to joining Ghanon.  We decided to send along a few investigators to check it out.  The only incident to report from the vigil was that three investigators heard what sounded like footsteps at 10.45 pm in one of the above bedrooms.
whittington castle 2012.jpg
4 August 2012 - Whittington Castle, Oswestry
Various activity has been reported at what remains of this 12th century castle, both inside and within the grounds.  There were a few incidents to report from our investigation.  At 10:24pm various investigators witnessed the sound of footsteps.  We tried replicating the event to which we were convinced that the source was that of a guest investigator who turned up midway through the vigil; post analysis of our audio recordings confirmed this.  An interesting incident was witnessed twice by two separate investigators whom heard what sounded like 'the scrunching of cellophane' in the gift shop area at 11:10pm and 11:35pm; for this we have no explanation.  A number of investigators also felt 'uneasy' in the Courtroom between 12:38am and 1:01am.
tower room woodlands hall.jpg
7 July 2012 - Woodlands Hall Hotel, Ruthin
There has been a building on the site of the hall for hundreds of years with the current mock Tudor mansion being constructed around 1870.  Many reports of acvtivity have been reported throughout the hotel, the Tower Room being more active than others.  Guests have also witnesses the sound of 'horse's hooves' within the ground of the hall's caravan park.  They appear to follow a specific route to and from what is now the children's play area.  During our investigation there were two incidents to report.  The first was at 12:36am when a door hatch within the Tower Room appeared to have opened whilst the room had been vacated.  On further investigation it was discovered that a sudden closing of the entrance door would cause the hatch to open.  Another door (bathroom) was found to be half closed after one of our investigators had left it wide open; however this time the event could not be replicated.
private case.jpg
9 June 2012 - Private Case in Pen-y-ffordd
We were given the opportunity to investigate a building where there has been a report of two young girls being sighted in the main hall, unexplainable draughts and on one occasion, a dog refused to enter the same room.  During our investigation we did try to replicate the latter a number of times but with no positive results.  The remainder of the vigil was quiet with nothing significant to report.
25 May 2012 - St Edith's Churchyard, Shocklach
A second vigil here within a week, and this time we were joined by special guests from a local dancing troupe.  A couple of incidents worthy of noting, the first being at 11:23pm when two investigators heard footsteps/movement on the lane.  A likely explanation could possibly be an animal but nothing could be found on investigation.  The second incident occurred between 12:10am and 12:20am when all present were located on the lane by the churchyard entrance.  Various investigators experienced intermittent smells of alcohol.  We immediately investigated the area and all attendees were checked but no source could be found.
st ediths churchyard shoclach.jpg
19 May 2012 - St Edith's Churchyard, Shocklach
Our sixth vigil at this location where we finally managed to walk the entire unused lane (reputedly the scene of a ghostly procession) alongside the church to the River Dee.  There was one minor incident at 9:45pm when a dull 'thud' was heard possibly from within the empty church.  Aside from that, the vigil was very quiet.  Post analysis provided us with a possible anomaly on one of our photographs but this was proven to be simulacra created by a water butt to the south side of the church.
empress tattoo.jpg
14 April 2012 - Empress Tattoo, Birkenhead
We returned for a follow up vigil and also invited along a special guest, Dave Shirley from Wirral Psychic & Paranormal Workshop.  Unfortunately there was nothing significant to report.
plas teg.jpg
10 March 2012 - Plas Teg, Pontyblyddyn
It has been just over four years since our last vigil here and on this occasion we had complete control of the whole investigation.  We covered many rooms within this 17th century Jacobean mansion and also managed to spend some time in the Indian Bedroom where one of our investigators experienced a visual event back in 2004.  Unfortunately on this occasion, although there were a number of minor incidents, it was a really quiet night with nothing of any real significance to report.
private case.jpg
25 February 2012 - Private Residence in Bootle, Merseyside
We were referred this case by TAPS to investigate a two bedroom, two storey terrace house in Bootle, Merseyside.  Activity began shortly after the couple moved into the property three years ago.  The first incident took place during the initial move when the homeowner saw an old lady at the top of the stairs, only to suddenly disappear.  On another occasion he heard someone walking up the stairs and saw 'something' going into the bedroom, thinking it maybe his partner he called out, but she was downstairs.  There have also been numerous sightings from the lounge of movement and quick flashes that are described as figures on the stairway.  Footsteps have also been heard from the bathroom above the kitchen and from the attic above the master bedroom.  Both residents claim to have heard their names being said in their ears.  Their daughter has had numerous sightings within the house and often plays with a little boy; although her parents are not sure whether this is an imaginary friend.  A number of interesting incidents occurred during our investigation.  Sometime between 8:40pm and 9:05pm, an investigator saw something move from left to right in the master bedroom.  At 9:41pm the sound of 'something being dragged' was heard by all, although the source of this is most likely to be from next door.  A drop in temperature was felt by investigators in the lounge sometime between 9:30pm and 9:59pm but no scientific evidence to backup the event.  The last incident to note was at 10:41pm when one investigator possibly saw something; again this was in the master bedroom.  The client also told us that his partner suffered frequent headaches in an area where it was discovered there was a nearby heater which are known to emit EMF (electromagnetic fields) so this being a possible cause.
empress tattoo.jpg
11 February 2012 - Empress Tattoo, Birkenhead
The tattoo parlour is part of a grade II listed building with shops either side and flats above.  Staff and guests at the shop have reported various audio phenomena (footsteps, thuds, etc) from the shop area and stairwell, particularly when they have been located in the basement.  Objects within the shop area have also been reported to move or fall to the floor for no apparent reason.  During our investigation, there was notable noise from the residents in the flat directly above the shop and also a lot of traffic noise.  These sounds were loud and clear in the shop area but could also be heard whilst located in the basement.  We did hear some loud sounds in the basement including heavy footsteps at 8:15pm.  They appeared to be coming from the stairwell or tattooing area (to the right) but on review of our audio recordings they suggest that the most likely cause being the neighbouring premises on the other side of the stairwell.  There were some interesting sounds recorded in the shop area during session one whilst every person present was in the basement.  Every now and then you can hear a significant tap or click as if something very small has been dropped/thrown to the floor which incidentally is consistent with the reported phenomena.  Report forms completed on the night by our investigators noted these in a later session whilst located in the shop area but suggested it could simply be building settlement noise.
the bell inn thetford.jpg
28 January 2012 - The Bell Inn, Thetford, Norfolk
A follow up to last week's investigation where the same two rooms were covered and also other areas we hadn't investigated before.  There were a number of interesting incidents to report.  Firstly at 5:55pm, one investigator reported seeing a dog (albeit briefly) in the corner of his eye in the bar area; the sighting could not be replicated.  This was deemed insignificant until asking the receptionist whether anything had been reported in this area, whereby she immediately replied 'a dog'.  At 8:35pm, two investigators heard what initially sounded like a 'rolling ball' but on further analysis, maybe something circular being dropped.  This was picked up by all three recording devices in the Thomas Payne Suite.  Between 8:44pm and 9:33pm, two investigators reported cold spots in the corner of Room 11.  A thermometer was placed in this area and confirmed it was 0.5c colder than the main room temperature.  They both also felt 'uneasy' in this room, which is something that is often reported.  As we entered into the kitchens at 11:39pm, one member saw a black shadowy figure 'flitting' through the doorway leading to the bistro.  On further investigation, we discovered there was a heavy swing door between the two rooms which would have been heard should anyone have actually walked through.  Lastly, sometime between 1:38am and 2:45am, one investigator heard a female voice from the room adjacent to Betty's lounge but we were unable to determine if this was a member of staff or resident.
the bell inn thetford.jpg
21 January 2012 - The Bell Inn, Thetford, Norfolk 
It has been four years since our last vigil here, and again we covered the same two rooms as on our previous visit; the Thomas Payne Suite and Room 11.  There were a couple incidents to report from our investigation.  At approx 2:35am, one investigator heard a creaking sound outside the door of the Thomas Payne Suite, the sound was as if someone was standing in the corridor.  Then in the morning at 8:15am another investigator heard a clear 'whoosh' sound as she was leaving Room 11.  Replication was attempted but to no avail.  There were some possible photo anomalies but these are most likely to have been caused by reflection from the camera flash.
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