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Ghanon was formed in 2004 by Kevin Griffiths-Boden & Julian Perkins.  The group was established to investigate and research alleged paranormal phenomena in a scientific and objective manner.  Private investigations are treated professionally and with confidence, and only with client consent will we publish any details on our website (or any form of media).  We are a voluntary group so no form of contribution is required.  We do not conduct exorcisms or take part in any form of occult magic.

What We Do
The procedure for our investigations involves interviewing witnesses, site survey, research history of location, vigils & conclusions, all of which are fully documented and a copy is handed to the client on completion. Vigils can take place during the day or night depending on the phenomena, but usually take place at night when light and sound can be monitored more efficiently.  During a vigil, investigators and equipment are allocated positions within the site and the vigil is usually split into a number of 'controlled' sessions lasting 30-45 minutes each.  The team will observe their areas and document any events; these form an important part of the case report.  Recordings from our equipment are analysed afterwards and any unaccountable findings are noted.

Membership is by invitation only.  All of our members are based in Wirral, Cheshire, Merseyside, North & Mid Wales.  Most of our investigations are within these areas, although we do and would investigate further afield.  There are currently 11 members of Ghanon and it is only these members that would participate in any private investigation.  The group has a fully compliant Risk Assessment which can be produced if requested, as can references from other clients.
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