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bron y garth.jpg
19 November 2022 - Bron Y Garth Hospital
Report coming soon.
30 east drive vigil.jpg
17 October 2022 - 30 East Drive, Pontefract
It had been almost six years since our previous vigil here.  Environmental readings are key at this location and all of our data recorded nothing abnormal.  A really quiet and uneventful investigation.
6 May 2022 - Rowton Moor, Chester
Our sixth investigation here on a very rainy evening.  Nothing to report.
the lookout apartment chillingham castle.jpg
9-11 April 2022 - Chillingham Castle, Northumberland
Another investigation at this fantastic location. This time we focused on the Lookout Apartment, our second time in this apartment.  The only incident to report was when we were packing up before departure.  In the lounge at 8:41am a "horn" that was placed on a table started rocking of it's own accord.  However, we believe this was caused by the vibration of the floorboards as an investigator walked  across the room at the same time of the incident.
penrhyn old hall vigil.jpg
12 March 2022 - Penrhyn Old Hall, Llandudno
After a lengthy absence we decided to take another look at this venue and we were not to be disappointed.  We had an interesting incident at 9:40pm when 4 loud knocks were heard by various investigations in different parts of the hall.  We reviewed the incident on our CCTV system whilst still on site which suggested that the source was in Bar 1.  We could not come to a conclusive explanation for this.
burtonwood 2022
13 February 2022 - RAF Burtonwood, Warrington
We have been up to the site on three separate occasions over the last few months and have spent a fair bit of time at Burtonwood Services and the underpass that used to join up with the now demolished Westbound services.  We did not experience anything but we are slowly obtaining further information from actual witnesses.
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