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hack green nucleur bunker.jpg
16 November 2013 - Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker, Nantwich
A follow up vigil to last year but unfortunately nothing significant to report.
farmhouse 2013.jpg
16 August 2013 - Farmhouse in Maeshafn, near Mold
Our long awaited follow up at this venue (five years to be precise!)  Previously, we had an interesting event whereby two investigators heard what sounded like “a bouncy ball being dropped”.  It was thought that the source of the sound was that of a nearby stable door to which we finally attempted to replicate; the results were negative.  As for the remainder of the vigil, we did have one incident to report.  Scratching noises were heard by all investigators at 10:05pm in the first floor central room; we immediately investigated the area expecting to find an animal of some sort but nothing could be found.  Important to note that both the “bouncy ball” and “scratching” incidents occurred during formal ‘quiet’ sessions.
st chads.jpg
20 July 2013 - Old Halkyn, Old St Chads & St Edith's Churchyard
This was a first for the group as we investigated three different venues in one night.  The first being Old Halkyn Cemetery in North Wales where a recent sighting in daylight had been reported; unfortunately during our vigil there was nothing to report.  Our second venue was a return to Old St Chads in Cheshire, again nothing to report but we did unexpectedly get an exclusive tour from the owner.  Finally on our last visit we returned to St Edith's Churchyard in Shocklach whereby we had our only incident of the night.  At 11:40pm an investigator heard what sounded like 'a glass falling over' from inside the church.  We immediately checked all around the church for any fallen objects that might have explained the incident but nothing appropriate could be found. 
chelsea nightclub 2013.jpg
22 June 2013 - Former Chelsea Nightclub, New Brighton, Wallasey
We returned for a third successive vigil at this venue but unfortunately there was not much to report this time around, although the whistling sound was heard again at 9:40pm in the tunnel area. 
chelsea nightclub 2 2013.jpg
17 May 2013 - Former Chelsea Nightclub, New Brighton, Wallasey
A few incidents were reported during our follow up investigation.  In the tunnel area a 'sigh' was heard at 9:01pm and breathing/whispering heard at 10:26pm.  We were also given the opportunity to investigation one of the former bar areas whereby one of our team saw a shadow in the hallway just before the stroke of midnight.  This could possibly have been a passing car but we were unable to replicate.
chelsea nightclub 3 2013.jpg
15 March 2013 - Former Chelsea Nightclub, New Brighton, Wallasey
Ghanon's 100th vigil took place at a location that has for many years been linked with stories of the paranormal.  During the investigation, some members did experience 'tingling' sensations and a tapping sound was heard in the tunnel area; all of which occurred between 9:15pm and 9:33pm.  A whistling sound was also heard on two separate occasions but this could have been of external source.  The remainder of the investigation was particularly quiet. 
shakespeare room 2013.jpg
23 February 2013 - Woodlands Hall Hotel, Ruthin
Returning for our third vigil, we set up our base in the Shakespeare Room.  Previous witnesses have reported a number of incidents such as indentation on bed sheets, the bathroom door opening and closing of it's own accord, rumbling sounds had been heard and a medium claimed the room was occupied by a woman in grey uniform, who was supposedly checking up on the cleaning staff.  The only incident to report from our investigation was that a couple of members felt 'uncomfortable' in the chapel.  We also suggested some possible solutions to the activity reports.  The rumbling sound could have been the pool table in the bar below which whilst we were investigating made a significant rumbling sound.  As for the opening and closing of the bathroom door, we tested this numerous times and were able to replicate this when waling over a specific patch of floorboard.
borley church 2013.jpg
27 January 2013 - Borley, Essex
The village gained fame during Harry Price's ten year investigation into Borley Rectory which was dubbed 'The Most Haunted House in England' until it was destroyed by fire in 1939.  The activity was then said to have moved across the road to the churchyard.  More recently there have been reports of unexplainable sounds in the porch area of the church.  Figures are supposedly still seen in and around the churchyard but does the phantom nun still make an appearance?  Is the sound of coach and horses still heard?  Our short vigil was held during daylight from dawn onwards but there was nothing really of any significance to report.
bell inn 2013.jpg
26 January 2013 - The Bell Inn, Thetford, Norfolk
After our active investigations last year, we decided to return earlier that we had done in previous years.  Once again we covered the Thomas Payne Suite (now Room 29), Room 11 (now Room 30) and Betty's Lounge; we also obtained Room 22.  The vigil was very quiet throughout although we did have one incident whereby an investigator briefly saw a 'black shadow like shape' in Betty's Lounge at 2:09am; a second team member also witnessed the sighting in the corner of his eye.
12 January 2013 - Nab Cottage, Lake District
Built in 1732, the cottage has been home to many residents who have had lived troubled lives.  They include Thomas deQuincey (The Opium Eater) and Hartley Coleridge, a talented poet and close friend of William Wordsworth who was a major English Romantic poet.  Today the cottage is a B&B and over the years many guests have reported seeing a 'sensuous young woman' or 'Victorian lady' in room 7.  Other sightings include a guitarist on the stairs, a man with a wooden leg and a figure outside in the barn.  Another common occurrence is that of loud noise being heard from the hallway during the night; laughter, shouting, heavy footsteps and doors banging.  Guests assumed this was late night revelers only to be told the following morning that there were no other guests present.  During our investigation there were a few incidents to report.  Firstly, one of our audio recorders picked up a distant 'female singing' at 7:15pm on the stairs.  However, this occurred during setup so it could quite easily have been one of our investigators.  One team member also heard 'three knocks' upon the door of room 4 at 7:53pm, but on review of the recording it was clearly evident that this was caused by loose floorboards when the investigator walked through the hallway.  The third incident is the only event to remain unexplained; two team members briefly smelt 'germoline' on the stairs at 2:30am.  Again this could have been one of our investigators but none admit to using any such product during the vigil.  So overall quiet but 'food for thought' for a possible follow up vigil.
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