22 - 24 August 2020 - Chillingham Castle, Northumberland
Another weekend investigation at Chillingham with two incidents to report.  Footsteps were heard eminating from the spiral staircase that leads to the Still Room and a 'grunting' sound was heard in the double bedroom of the Courtyard apartment.  Unfortunately, after reviewing our audio recordings we discovered that both had rational explanations.
1 August 2020 - Llangelynin Old Church, Conwy
After visiting Gwrych Castle and St Celynin's Well during the day, we then held an all-night investigation at this remote 12th century church steeped in history and mystery. We were unable to access some of the areas of interest so we mainly monitored and observed the porch and surrounding areas. Unfortunately there was nothing significant to report.
10 July 2020 - St Edith's Churchyard, Shocklach
Four months since our last investigation due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we finally managed to hold a vigil with social distancing at St. Edith's. Unfortunately there was nothing significant to report.
1 March 2020 - Nab Cottage, Lake District
Some interesting incidents during our fifth overnight investigation at this beautiful idyllic venue.  During setup in Room 7 the bathroom door latch opened of it's own accord at 4:57pm.  We were unable to replicate the incident but it has happened on previous vigils and may have a plausible explanation.  In the Opium Room at 1:49am, an ornament of a Jester fell off the wall.  It is possible that this could have happened over a long period of time but interesting that it occurred when we were present in the room.  A guest in Room 2 reported hearing what sounded like "a grandfather clock ticking" when she woke up in the morning.  We actually witnessed the same thing in Room 1 next door but assumed this was caused by the central heating.
21 February 2020 - Private Residence, Birkenhead
A follow up to last year's investigation after the clients reported further activity.   During our vigil, there was some 'touching' experienced between 9:50pm and 10:15pm.  There was also a potential temperature drop shortly after 12:25am; no natural change in environment could be established to explain this.  Interesting to note that on both occasions, only females were present in the areas of the reported activity.
16 February 2020 - Mortuary Road Bus Stop, Wallasey
Over the years, many people have reported hats and bags being mysteriously ‘snatched’ off them and on a couple of occasions, an arm has been seen protruding from the bus shelter.  Witnesses have also reported being tapped on the shoulder and an ‘intense feeling of being watched’.  The stories may seem bizarre but with so many witnesses, we just had to check it out.  Unfortunately there was nothing significant to report but we are planning some return visits later in the year.
9 February 2020 - Wrexham / Mold Road, Pontyblyddyn
After a visit to Plas Teg, we investigated the A541 which runs past the Jacobean mansion where sightings of a female figure have been reported.  This was our fourth time we have investigated this location (five if you count our preliminary investigation in 2003).  We spent some time outside the two entrances to Plas Teg and across the road plus numerous drive-by's along the dual carriageway but unfortunately there was nothing significant to report.

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