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penrhyn old hall vigil.jpg
10 November 2018 - Penrhyn Old Hall, Llandudno
Almost four years since our last investigation here.  According to the owner there has been recent activity around the fireplace on the first dancefloor but it was in the second bar that we had incidents reported.  A few light anomalies were seen by various investigators plus some also heard distant music and what sounded like a female singing or humming.
chillingham castle dairy rooms .jpg
14 October 2018 - Chillingham Castle, Northumberland
A follow up to our vigil here earlier this year.  This time we predominantly focused on the Dairy apartment.  At 2:39pm, one of our investigators felt a tug on her cardigan whilst setting up a camera in the kitchen area.  The only other incident was in the Minstrels Hall at 4:10pm when the tearooms menu board was seen to suddenly tilt of it's own accord.
rowton moor vigil.jpg
23 & 24 September 2018 - Rowton Moor, Chester 
On the eve of the anniversary of the battle which took place in 1645, we decided to check out this historical Civil war site. The Royalist leader Lord Bernand Stewart has been reputedly been seen on horseback galloping across the moors but was it his horse that two investigators heard 'clip clopping' at 9:01pm?  Plaintive music has also been said to be heard across the moors, this is thought to be that of musician William Lawes who was shot down by a Parliamentarian.  We returned to Rowton the following evening to specifically check out the area of the 'clip clopping' incident but there was nothing to report.
drakelow tunnels.jpg
7 September 2018 - Drakelow Tunnels, Kidderminster 
Locked in underground for 11 hours we had just one incident to report. At 3:55am a strong smell of perfume 'came and went' in the room opposite the Comms Room.
27 July 2018 - Gwrych Castle, Abergele
This was our third visit to Emily's Tower but this time we walked up the back of Llanddulas Mountain as we were hoping to see the Lunar Eclipse.  Unfortunately the moon was obscured by cloud for the duration of our visit and there was nothing else to report..
gwyrch castle and eclipse.jpg
peckforton haunted bridge.jpg
29 June 2018 - Peckforton Hills, Cheshire 
This was our first return to this venue since 2005.  The investigation included visits to the witches staircase, Stanner Nab, Peckforton Castle and the haunted bridge where there have been alleged sightings of a servant woman and the sounds of a horse and carriage.  However, there was nothing significant to report.
16 June 2018 - Moreton Corbet Castle, near Shrewsbury
Cursed by the Puritan Paul Holmyard, his ghost is said to haunt the grounds, stalking the empty walls to ensure the castle is not rebuilt. There was nothing to report from our investigation.
moreton corbett castle.jpg
20 May 2018 - St Tudno's Churchyard & Anglesey
st tudno vigil.jpg
coaching rooms vigil.jpg
21-23 April 2018 - Chillingham Castle, Northumberland 
We held a 48 hour investigation the Coaching Rooms and there were quite a number of incidents, most of which have now been debunked.  However we still have some left unexplained.  On Sunday 22nd at 3:41am, an investigator in the twin room felt a couple of taps on his bedsheet.  That same day at 7:44pm, two investigators heard a “sigh” possibly from the blue bedroom.  Later on at 10:01pm, an investigator reported the smell of cigarette smoke in the lounge.  Our final incident was on the Monday morning at 10:27am when an investigator went back through the main entrance door to the Coaching Rooms, he heard a loud distinct “growl” which has been previously reported by other guests.  We will be returning to Chillingham later this year to investigate another part of the castle.
st ediths shocklach.jpg
21 March 2018 - St Edith's Churchyard, Shocklach
Another return to one of our regular venues but there was nothing significant to report.
woodlands hall vigil.jpg
25 February 2018 - Woodlands Hall Hotel, Ruthin 
leasowe light house vigil.jpg
10 February 2018 - Leasowe Lighthouse, near Moreton
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