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burtonwood 2022
18 December 2021 - Burtonwood Services
Report to follow shortly.
12 November 2021 - Appleby Castle
Report to follow shortly.
16 October 2021 - Pendle Hill & Lancaster Castle, Lancashire
A well overdue weekend away at Pendle Hill plus some investigation work at Lancaster Castle and Gallow’s Hill where the “alleged witches” where cruelly executed.  One guest (non member) did start to feel emotionally uncomfortable at our latter destination but the group gave her some reassurance.
24 September 2021 - Rowton Moor, Chester
Report to follow shortly.
aros 1.jpg
12 September 2021 - Arnos Manor Hotel, Bristol
Report to follow shortly.
10 July 2021 - Madeley Court Hotel, Telford
Report to follow shortly.
5 - 7 June 2021 - Chillingham Castle, Northumberland
We had a couple of interesting incidents in the Landseer Apartment during another weekend investigation.  On the first night at 9:15pm an unknown sound was heard whilst ‘calling out’ but after audio analysis we believe the source to be that of the main door catch closing as some members had recently left the apartment.  During the second night at 8:06pm a large picture fell off the wall in the lounge but we suspect the knot holding up the frame had probably loosened over a long period of time and finally given way.
23 May 2021 - Madeley Court Hotel
Report Coming Soon.
18 April 2021 - Ewloe Castle, Deeside
After visiting various locations earlier in the day, our final destination was Ewloe Castle.  Many strange incidents have been reported including singing, the sounds of marching men, unexplained lights and a glowing white figure has allegedly been seen in one of the towers.  One of the more notable reports is that of Nora the Nun.  It is said that she still roams the castle and her cries can still be heard.  She has also been seen at the top of the nearby waterfall and the "Rosie Pond".  There was nothing to report.  The other locations we visited were Flint Castle, Old Halkyn Cemetery, Caergwrle Castle and nearby Packhorse Bridge.
1 April 2021 - Rowton Moor, Chester
Our first investigation for almost four months due to the pandemic. We checked out various areas of the civil war battle site and at one point we did hear what sounded like drumming at 9:27pm. This was heard near the railway line and although no train went past, we presumed it was probably something to do with the railway track.
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