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15 November 2014 - Private Residence, New Ferry
A third vigil at this venue.  A few investigators felt emotional during the investigation after the client gave the team a personal insight into the tragic story of this case.  It is highly likely that this could have influenced their experiences.
Pen y lan hall 2014.jpg
25 October 2014 - Pen Y Lan Hall, Ruabon
A grade II listed regency gothic house located near the village of Ruabon. In most areas of the hall and outbuildings there was nothing much to report, apart from the Piano Room whereby we had some very interesting light anomalies. At 8:38pm two investigators saw an 'arc of light' appear near the fireplace / doorway and at 9:02pm both witnessed another similar incident. Without sharing this information with others, another investigator reported the same thing at 11:14pm. Other visual anomalies were also reported in the same room by other investigators during the vigil. We could not find any source to the phenomena but would be well worth a more thorough investigation in this particular room should we ever return.
st ediths churchyard shoclach.jpg
3 October 2014 - St Edith's Churchyard, Shocklach 
Our 10th official vigil at this venue whereby a number of minor incidents were reported.  However, It is worth noting that it was a very windy night and as we are well aware, there are a number of animals at this location which could provide rational explanations.  One investigator stated that they had felt uneasy since arrival. 
penrhyn old hall vigil.jpg
2 August 2014 - Penrhyn Old Hall, Llandudno
A follow up vigil after a number of interesting incidents on our first visit a few months earlier.  We had a number of incidents reported particularly during session 5 between 12:11am & 12L35am but none of which were of any real significance.
st ediths shurch shocklach july 2014.jpg
11 July 2014 - St Edith's Churchyard, Shocklach
At 11:26pm, one investigator noted that he had heard his name being called but after conferring with all members present, nobody else had heard it so nothing more was thought of it.  That was until we reviewed our recordings and the same sound could easily be heard.  A camcorder recording in stereo indicated that the sound had probably emanated from the south-west side of the churchyard and this was confirmed when we tried replicating the issue during a day visit a few days later.  All audio recorders were clearly examined just in case another investigator had unintentionally said something that resembled the sound but the results were negative.  This has to be one of the most intriguing incidents we have had at this location.
private case.jpg
11 July 2014 - Private Residence, New Ferry
A follow vigil at this semi-detached house.  An usual smell of 'garbage' on the staircase was witnessed by two investigators and a possible 'growl' heard in the spare room.
newsham park.jpg
21 June 2014 - Newsham Park Hospital, Liverpool 
Expectations were high and for once we were not to be disappointed.  At the end of our first session, one group reported a ‘strong smell of roast dinner’ at 10:07pm as they were leaving the Naughty Boys Corridor.  During the second session between 10:30pm/12am, some investigators felt ‘uneasy’ in Ward G, which is something that is often reported in this area.  At 1:32am there was a significant loud bang on a glass window in the Basement, however we could not confirm if this was someone (outside of the group) in the courtyard; further personal experiences were experienced again in the Basement a few minutes afterwards.  Finally at 3:01am we discovered ‘tea light candles’ scattered all over the floor in Ward G but because it was so dark it’s possible that someone had either accidentally knocked them over, or a resident had been in the room during a break. 
penrhyn old hall vigil.jpg
10 May 2014 - Penrhyn Old Hall, Llandudno
Penrhyn is said to be haunted by numerous ghosts.  The Baronial Hall and the room above it appear to be the most active; this is also where a monk is said to have been seen.  Another reported sighting is that of an old lady in the Tudor bar who sits to the left of the fireplace and sometimes is known to walk up the staircase; a young girl is also said to haunt this area.  In the restaurant, chairs have been moved and salt was sprinkled on tables by a mischievous young boy. Also the spirit of a bad tempered young man and a soldier are said to be active in one of the function rooms. During our vigil we had a few minor incidents; a bag mysteriously fell off a bench at 9:45pm in ‘Bar One’, an unknown light source was witnessed in ‘Bar Two’ at 10:30pm plus some investigators felt uneasy and experienced ‘hot flushes’ in the ‘Dancefloor Two’ area between 10:40pm & 11pm.  A follow up vigil has already been arranged for August.
private case.jpg
11 April 2014 - Priviate Residence, New Ferry
We were asked to look into a case at a three bedroom semi-detached house in New Ferry where the residents had reported a number of unexplained incidents.  Their child has been heard ‘talking to someone’, toys have been moved about during the night, a shaver with no batteries switched itself on and her sister once ran out of the house when the bathroom shower and all of the taps mysteriously started running.  After we initially interviewed the clients in February, we received a further report on 19 March 2014 of ‘a lot of movement’ being heard in the kitchen between 1am & 1:30am.  The sound of kitchen draws opening, something being ‘dropped and also a heavy item being dragged across the floor.  During our vigil there were a couple of minor incidents, but probably the most intriguing event was during post analysis of our captured audio.  At 11:43pm in the child’s bedroom, there is a clear female whisper which sounds like ‘you looking after them’.  The only person it could have been is one of the clients but they insist it was not them.  Out of the three recorders that were placed upstairs, it is clearest on the camcorder that was located in the bedroom whereby nobody was present at the time of the incident.
raf tilstock july 2014.jpg
6 April 2014 - RAF Tilstock, Prees Heath
This interesting venue has been host to many uses.  It began life as a training base for the British Army in 1915, it was then used as storage supplies, then it became a hospital and fully working army barracks, it was an internment camp for German & Austrian refugees and after Jan 1946 the buildings were home to many Polish families until the late 1950’s.  Phenomena reported at Tilstock includes feelings of unease, footsteps, unexplainable sounds, physical phenomena and shadows/figures have been seen within the buildings and surrounding woodland.  The only incident to report from our vigil was during session two (9:05pm-10:09pm) when two investigators heard possible voices & footsteps in the Nissan Hut area.  A very interesting venue worthy of a follow up.
newsham park.jpg
1 March 2014 - Newsham Park Hospital, Liverpool 
We finally got to take part in a vigil at one of Liverpool's most talked about venues.  The investigation was run by another paranormal group and we covered a number of areas: the complete second floor which included the Psychiatric Ward and 'naughty boys corridor', the morgue and also the 'psycho cinema'.  There were a few incidents but with not knowing the other guests (and it being pitch black) it was difficult to ascertain whether they had caused the phenomena.  So, nothing of any major significance but a fantastic venue to which we will be returning for our own private investigation later in the year.
private case.jpg
1 February 2014 - Private Residence, Halmer End, Stoke-on-trent
We were given the opportunity to investigate a detached Edwardian town house in Halmer End where there had been numerous reports of possible activity.  Figures walking through walls, feelings of a presence on the landing, plus unexplainable noises throughout the house.  During our vigil we witnessed some interesting audible events at 8:27pm and 8:41pm but after some testing, it was proved likely to have been of an external source.  There was nothing else to report.
nab cottage 2014.jpg
25 January 2014 - Nab Cottage, Lake District
We returned for a follow up vigil at this idyllic cottage in Ambleside which was once the home of poet Thomas deQuincey.  Unfortunately there was nothing significant to report.
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