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Here we document some of our ‘interesting’ audio clips taken from our investigations.  They are not proven to be paranormal, nor are they scientifically significant.  However, they do remain unexplained.  Simply click on the title, then Download on the next screen to listen.

St Tudno's Light Anomaly >>

Venue: St Tudno's Churchyard, Great Orme, Llandudno

Location: Near upper arched entrance

Time/Date: 10:08 pm 10 Sep 2016

Description: Two investigators saw two green lights which we tried to replicate with torches but were unable to do but were ruled out during our post analysis.  We did come up with a couple of other possible explanations which require further investigation.

Churchyard Sound Anomaly >>

Venue: St Edith's Churchyard, Shocklach

Location: South West of Churchyard (estimate)

Time/Date: 11:26 pm 11 Jul 2014

Description: One investigator noted that he had heard his name being called during a formal session but after conferring with all members present, nobody else had heard it so nothing more was thought of it.  That was until we reviewed our recordings and the same sound could easily be heard.

Female Whisper >>

Venue: Private Residence, New Ferry

Location: Child's Bedroom

Time/Date: 11:43 pm 11 Apr 2014

Description: At 23 seconds, there is a clear female whisper .  The only person it could have been is one of the clients but they insist it was not them.  Out of the three recorders that were placed upstairs, it is clearest on the camcorder that was located in the bedroom whereby nobody was present at the time of the incident.
Mold Bouncy Ball >>

Venue: A Farmhouse near Mold (Private Investigation)

Location: First floor Room, by stairwell

Time/Date: 10:50 pm 28 Mar 2008

Description: During a formal ‘quiet’ session with all present seated, two investigators heard what sounded like “a bouncy ball being dropped”.  It is thought that the source of the sound is that of a nearby stable door but to date has yet to be proven.


Winter Gardens Footsteps >>

Venue: Winter Gardens, Morecambe

Location: Auditorium, first floor balcony near the Ladies Bar
Time/Date: 10:16 pm 9 Feb 2008
Description: Six witnesses to this event during another formal ‘quiet’ session whereby all present (bar one) were seated.  Investigators reported the sound to be ‘like footsteps’ although on playback they also sound a bit like a ‘knocking’ noise.  

School Voice >>

Venue: Former Brassey Street School, Birkenhead

Location: First floor corridor, by ladies toilets

Time/Date: 10:33 pm 25 Mar 2007

Description: The team was packing away equipment when two investigators heard a groan/voice accompanied by what sounded like a chair being scraped along the floor.  Strangely this was hardly picked up on the recording.  However, almost immediately after this a nearby investigator heard her name being called; the voice can clearly be heard on this recording.  There were only three investigators left on site and we are absolutely certain that nobody present was the cause.


Marford Bang >>

Venue: Private Residence, Marford

Location: Attic/Stairwell

Time/Date: 10:19 pm 13 May 2006

Description: Recorded during an ‘out of building’ session whereby there was nobody present in the house.  The sound was picked up by every recording device within the building.  It is interesting to note a mechanical-type sound after the ‘bang’.  Whilst we suspect the cause was probably much more mundane, the event remains unexplained.


School Footsteps >>

Venue: Former Brassey Street School, Birkenhead

Location: Ground floor corridor, near Reception

Date: 22 Jan 2005

Description:  This is actually an ‘explained’ incident whereby we managed to replicate an event that took place back in October 1999.  What was first thought to be ‘footsteps’ actually turned out to be two investigators unraveling a power cable on the floor above; this is the replication recording.

School Creepy Sound >>

Venue: Former Brassey Street School, Birkenhead

Location: Ground floor by toilets

Date: 17 Jan 2004

Description: The obvious ‘creepy sound’ was only noticed on review of our audio recordings.  It occurred during a break and although we do have a possible explanation for it, we have no hard evidence to support our theory; therefore remains unexplained.


School Door Slam >>

Venue: Former Brassey Street School, Birkenhead

Location: First Floor Corridor

Time/Date: 1:57 am 22 Aug 1999

Description: This event was witnessed by all investigators present during a formal ‘quiet’ session whereby all present were seated.  The recording sounds like ‘a door being slammed’ and was reported at the time to be very loud and echoed throughout the building.
School Groan >>

Venue: Former Brassey Street School, Birkenhead

Location: First Floor Corridor

Time/Date: 10:54 pm 21 Aug 1999

Description: An incident witnessed by two or three investigators whom where located within the first floor corridor.  The sound was heard during a formal ‘quiet’ session whereby all present were seated.

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