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18 July 2009 - Private Residence, Woodchurch
We were asked to investigate a three bedroom property and like many times before, we didn't have much to report. We did however have one event during our second session of the vigil. An apple was found sizzling on the cooker. All attendees confirmed that they had not been near the kitchen area prior to the session start and on questioning the owners of the house, they were adamant that they had not left the cooker on and they assured us that they always switch this off at the mains on the wall. However, it is worth noting that just before we arrived the owners had just returned from a shopping trip and were in a rush to leave the house (so we could have sole access to the house.) They had left their groceries on the kitchen surfaces (some of which were next to the cooker). Therefore, we can only assume that in this instance the cooker was accidentally left on and at some point during our investigation the bag of apples had slipped and thus one of them fell on to the cooker.
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11 July 2009 - Private Residence, Blackpool
We were contacted by ASSAP to investigate a property in Blackpool. After the client was interviewed, we decided to hold a vigil which proved inconclusive. We suspect that a sleeping disorder, environmental conditions and other natural explanations are the more likely cause of the activity reported, therefore it was decided a follow-up vigil would not be required.
theatre bacup.jpg
4 April 2009 - Royal Court Theatre, Bacup, Lancs 
This was our long awaited charity vigil and the team raised funds for S.O.P.H.I.E. (Stamp Out Prejudice Hatred & Intolerance Everywhere). The event was attended by founder of the charity, Sylvia Lancaster and two reporters from the local press. Alas the vigil was very quiet and the only incident to report was one of our members sensed something within the auditorium; one of the reporters also submitted a report on her findings but again we must point out that these type of incidents are a single person's experience and therefore cannot be measured scientifically.
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14 March 2009 - Beverley Friary, East Yorkshire
As part of the ASSAP Training Weekend, we took part in an overnight vigil at Beverley Friary, which is today run as a Youth Hostel. There was nothing significant to report.
cosmopolitan hotel.jpg
21 February 2009 - Cosmopolitan Hotel, Hartlepool
After a long journey up north, we held an overnight vigil at a Public House in Hartlepool in which the clients had reported various incidents in the cellar and reports of a figure which has been seen in the corridor between the toilet areas. Unfortunately there was nothing significant to report.
packhorse bridge.jpg
13 February 2009 - Packhorse Bridge & Caergwrle Castle
Our previous vigil at the bridge back in August 2005 proved uneventful, despite being dubbed in the newspapers as 'very active'. We decided to re-visit this site during restoration work which is often said to provoke paranormal activity. However, yet again the night was extremely quiet and after another trek up to the nearby castle, this also proved to be inactive.
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10 January 2009 - Former Brassey Street School, Birkenhead
Another return to our exclusive venue. Looking back at our time here, although most of our vigils have appeared to have been relatively quiet, most of our best experiences and evidence have been collected here. However on this occasion, although we stayed much longer than usual, there was nothing significant to report.
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