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25 October 2008 - Private Residence, Congleton
We were contacted by ASSAP to investigate a small two bedroom property in Congleton, Cheshire. The owner has reported various unexplained incidents both auditory and visual that appear to be happening on a regular basis. After interviewing the witness, we decided to proceed with a vigil in which there were two incidents to report. The first was at 10:35pm when two investigators heard something on the stairwell which coincided with other investigators taking photographs downstairs after they thought they had seen a shadow. The other incident was reported by one of the residents whom apparently had heard a voice in the bedroom at about 1:30am; there was nothing significant picked up by any audio device.
marston moor.jpg
19 July 2008 - Marston Moor, North Yorkshire
You can always guarantee some rain on outdoor investigations, and this was certainly no exception. On arrival, the weather conditions were so bad, we almost decided to abandon the vigil. Fortunately, there was a break in the clouds and apart from another short but heavy shower, it remained dry throughout the night. Most of our time was spent on Cromwells Clump and Elstrop Wood in which we stayed overnight. As for anything paranormal, there was not a single event to report.
winter gardens.jpg
17 May 2008 - Winter Gardens, Morecambe
After our previous active vigil here back in February, we just had to come back to this fantastic venue. Everyone was excited, expectations were very high and of course, absolutely nothing happened! We did get a chance to spend some time trying to replicate the footsteps incident that occurred on our previous visit and came to no conclusive conclusion and thus, remains unexplained.
private case.jpg
26 April 2008 - A Pub in Liverpool
Footsteps & glasses breaking have recently been witnessed at this public house within Liverpool City Centre.  There was also something that one of the witnesses would not share, and that was their experience in the cellar under the staircase.  Unfortunately the vigil was very quiet and there was nothing significant to report.
farmhouse 2013.jpg
8 March 2008 - Farmhouse in Maeshafn, near Mold
It was decided to hold a vigil at a farmhouse near Mold in Flintshire. We had been informed that there appeared to be a presence in the building which is located about half a mile from the nearest road. So we dragged our equipment across a few muddy fields in order to reach our destination and spent some time in a very cold damp building in the hope that we might capture some evidence. Unfortunately not long after we arrived, the weather conditions turned against us and the wind picked up so most of the sounds heard during the vigil, were because of this.  However, at 10:50pm during a formal ‘quiet’ session with all present seated, two investigators heard what sounded like “a bouncy ball being dropped”.  It is thought that the source of the sound is that of a nearby stable door but to date has yet to be proven.
brassey street school.jpg
29 February 2008 - Former Brassey Street School, Birkenhead
This year celebrated 100 years since the school was built so we invited some guests to join us on our investigation. A windy night meant that the building noise levels were high obviously due to weather conditions. However, we did have one incident when all present were located on the first floor. Various members reported hearing a voice on several occasions and appeared to be ongoing. Incidents like these do tend to have natural explanations but curiosity meant we had to investigate. Members were asked to flash their torch when the voice was heard and on many occasions, two or three torches would flash at the same time. This proved that those reporting the sound, were all hearing the same thing. The second part of the investigation, we had one member located on the ground floor to try and determine if there was anything else that tied in with the event. One investigator then briefly transmitted over a two-way radio and after some time, we discovered that the voice was coinciding with the main doors rattling due to the wind problem solved! So although an interesting vigil, there was nothing else significant to report.
winter gardens.jpg
9 February 2008 - Winter Gardens, Morecambe
At last, an active investigation! The most significant incident took place at 10:14pm when six investigators heard what sounded like 'footsteps' that appeared to come from the gallery next to the ladies bar. There were four other people on site at the time of the incident and we can account for all but one. We thought that the 'missing' person was in the shop area (away from the sound source) and after contacting him, he confirmed this was the case. There are other possibilities that could explain the incident but to rule these out would require a follow-up investigation. Other reported events included one team member claimed that something brushed against his leg (like a cat tail) and a traffic cone appeared to move on its own, hotspots (not coldspots) were felt in the cellar area and stairwell next to the reputedly haunted box, problems with battery drainage on a few two-way radios (although they appeared to function correctly after re-charging the batteries) and finally, one guest member claims to have been pushed over on leaving the main area of the auditorium. A not so quiet night for a change and plenty of work for our investigators analysing the evidence afterwards.
the bell inn thetford.jpg
18 January 2008 - The Bell Inn, Thetford, Norfolk
This was our second vigil here, whereby, we again covered the same two rooms of the hotel; the Thomas Payne Suite and Room 11. Not exactly a quiet night but this was mainly due to a residential party (not the paranormal!) Again, nothing significant to report and no repeat of any temperature fluctuations which we had last time; although these were almost certainly due to a defect with the thermometer that was used.
gwyrch castle.jpg
4 January 2008 - Gwrych Castle, Abergele & Churchyard in North Wales
After the long awaited sale of the castle last year, we paid a final visit to this derelict site before the start of it's major renovation. It was very quiet and calm with not a great deal to report. On our way home we stopped off at a churchyard not far from Bodelwyddan. The group had been given information that there had been recent reports of activity here but unfortunately it was just another venue with not much action!
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