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willington hall.jpg
20 November 2011 - Willington Hall, Tarporley
Although our first investigation here two months ago was eventless, we thought the hotel had potential… and we were right! A cold spot was experienced by two investigators in the Red Room (pseudonym) at 8:49pm and although we didn't get a chance to measure the event scientifically, we can conclude that no cause could be found upon checking nearby windows and doors. At 12:31am, footsteps / movement was clearly heard by two members of the group located on the first floor landing; the sound appeared to be either in the reception area or on the staircase. There is a possibility that the heating or ventilation system was to blame but we won't know for sure until our next investigation here. We also had numerous single witness incidents for which only those involved can decide whether they were significant or not.
winter gardens.jpg
30 September 2011 - Winter Gardens, Morecambe
We first investigated Winter Gardens back in February 2008 where we had a very active vigil, a follow up later that year was eventless. So this was our third vigil here and we were not to be disappointed. We had a couple of isolated cold spots reported in the cellar and on the first floor balcony, three separate single witness incidents in the Ladies Dressing Room and at 2:38am various investigators witnessed what sounded like a 'bouncy ball' dropping directly in front of them, again in the Ladies Dressing Room. We did have three other incidents crop up during our post analysis but after some investigation it was presumed they were of natural causes. An unusually busy vigil during and afterwards!
willington hall.jpg
12 September 2011 - Willington Hall, Tarporley
There has been a lot of recent activity reported at this fabulous country hotel. A dark female figure has been seen regularly in the Green Room (pseudonym) walking past the end of the bed. On one occasion, the figure stood motionless for a short while in the corner of the room then suddenly rushed past the bed and up to the ceiling. It is thought that the female may have been murdered but there is no factual evidence to back up the story. In the Blue Room (pseudonym), a vase was found to be moved to the other side of the room with the flowers lying on the floor. Someone has also reported being touched on the shoulder whilst vacuuming. On the ground floor, shadows and/or shapes have often been sighted in the corridor and the sound of 'children running' has been heard coming from the corridor above. One witness has also reported seeing 'legs dangling from the ceiling' where there was once a staircase. The most recent incident to date happened only two weeks ago in the Red Room (pseudonym) when someone witnessed a female figure drying her hair with a towel whilst seated on one of the chairs. So to the vigil which was a rare weekday vigil for the group and with no guests in residence at the hotel, this allowed us a good controlled investigation without too much interruption. Apart from the normal thuds and creaks, there was nothing really significant to report from our investigation although we are hoping to hold a follow-up vigil in the not too distant future.
19 August 2011 - The Millstone, Pen-y-ffordd
The vigil was organised with kind permission from the owners Charlie and Jayne, to raise funds for a local dancing troupe whom also attended the event.  The Mill has had ongoing activity ever since the owners moved in two years ago and is alleged to be haunted by three spirits.  A young female is said to frequent the restaurant and kitchen areas, a black caped figure has been seen in and around the corridors of the pub, the third is said to be the most prominent.  Some time ago, a medium had informed the owners that the mischievous but harmless spirit that likes to play games, move objects, knock on doors, etc is that of a five or six year old child.  The medium also gave a name of Florence Hollins and believes they were buried at the nearby churchyard in Hope.  However, there is also a rumour that the child’s body is bricked up behind the archway in the cellar, a location which seems to be the focal point of the activity.  During the initial interview with the landlord, whilst we were talking about ‘Florence’ in the bar area, a cardboard rack of Scampi Fries fell to the floor which was just a typical example of the activity that takes place here.  The number of guests on the vigil completely outnumbered the amount of Ghanon investigators and with expectations high, it was inevitable that there would be a number of reported incidents that would no doubt have ‘normal’ explanations.  The only unexplainable event was when one of our security lights triggered twice at 2:12am.  The device was setup in the cellar pointing away from the investigation area, and looking towards the stairwell.  The light should only trigger when movement is detected within a 90 degree radius, not majorly significant but certainly somewhat of interest.
private case.jpg
13 August 2011 - Private Residence in Banbury, Oxfordshire
A member of the public got in touch with us to advise that she had been experiencing various paranormal phenomena since she moved into her three bedroom terrace three years ago.  Audible sounds have been heard from the upstairs rooms as if someone is rising from a bed or chair and then walking a couple of steps; unexplainable noises have also been heard on the staircase, that thought to be of a male spirit.  Knocking on the front door of the property is also a regular occurrence and the witness has also experienced cold draughts and felt as if someone has walked past her bed at night.  One other interesting event that has been reported is that of the faint sounds of a train passing nearby which usually occurs on a Tuesday or Thursday.  The phenomena tends to be active between midnight and 3am, also 9am until midday.  The owner’s daughter and other visitors have also witnessed some of the incidents.  She also says that one of her neighbours informed her that the house was active prior to her moving in.  As this was a one shot vigil, we deployed almost all of our equipment in an attempt to capture some evidence but unfortunately there was nothing significant to report.  Even after we had left, the client informed us that nothing had happened afterwards.
gwyrch castle.jpg
11 June 2011 - Gwrych Castle, Abergele
Over three years since our last visit here, we decided to investigate Gwyrch again as work is still yet to commence on it’s transformation to a luxury five star hotel.  As ever at this wonderful location, an enjoyable night was had by all but unfortunately there was nothing significant to report.
11 March 2011 - St Edith's Churchyard, Shocklach
This was our fifth vigil at what is reputedly a ‘very active' site but unfortunately there was nothing significant to report.
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