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We use a variety of kit to monitor audio, visual and the environment.

Digital audio recorder - Used for audio recording and to capture possible audible phenomena.  These are deployed in all areas (or as many possible) which is useful for mapping any interesting audio incidents.

Digital action camera – Used for video footage and to capture possible visual phenomena .  Also vitally important for verifying the location of investigators during a vigil, particularly when reviewing any incidents.   Most cameras we use have wide angle lenses and are modified to full spectrum for use with an infrared illuminator (see next item).  We also still use some hard drive based camcorders.  As with the audio recorders, these are also deployed in all areas (or as many possible).

Infrared illuminator – Used in conjunction with the digital action camera to enable night vision.

Digital temperature logger – To monitor temperature and highlight any sudden change.

Mobile phone – Now being used for a variety of tasks.  Time keeping, digital report forms to document any incidents whether they be normal or abnormal, photography to survey venues and possibly capture any visual evidence.

2-way PMR radio - To communicate with all team members.

Other equipment – The following are still used but only on specific occasions.  Analogue tape recorder, 35mm camera, Polaroid camera, CCTV system, ioniser, Geiger counter, EMF meter.

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