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30 east drive vigil.jpg
3 December 2016 - 30 East Drive, Pontefract
Famous for it's "Black Monk of Pontefract" this three bedroom council house is said to still be producing regular activity so we decided to check out what all of the fuss was about.  Nothing spectacular happened however we did have a couple of incidents.   At 3:57am, one investigator heard what sounded like "swiping sounds" across his sleeping bag in the box bedroom.   Shortly after this, three investigators located in the lounge heard "four knocks" from the kitchen at 4:07am.  Could this have been the central heating system located above?
trevor arms 2016.jpg
20 November 2016 - Trevor Arms, Marford
On our fifth vigil at this venue we investigated room 20 and part of the grounds inside a marquee. Unfortunately there was nothing to report.
gwysaney arms vigil.jpg
23 October 2016 - Gwysaney Arms, Rhydymwyn, Mold
We were contacted by the owners of what was formerly The Antelope, to check out reports of a dark shadow or male figure being seen regularly in the bar area.  During our only investigation here it wasn't long before we worked out that the anomaly was being caused by street lighting on the road that the pub resides.
st tudnos vigil.jpg
10 September 2016 - Old Halkyn, Llangwstenin & St Tudno's Churchyard
Three different venues in one night like we did three years ago.  We returned once again to Old Halkyn Cemetery where there have been two separate sightings of a figure. There is a 6ft 6" drop (approx) on the other side of the wall but we were able to replicate with someone walking on the opposite side of the road and as the witnesses stated, he could be seen 'from the waist up'.  Our second venue was Llangwstenin Cemetery where a figure has allegedly been seen in the cemetery from the roadside.  Could one of the tall gravestones have been misinterpreted?  So to our third and final venue of the night, St Tudno's Churchyard on the Great Orme in Llandudno. At 10:08pm two investigators saw two green lights near the arched entrance.  We tried to replicate the incident with torches but were unable to do so.  Fortunately the footage was captured on a camcorder.  During our post analysis, the torch theory was ruled out although we did come up with a couple of other possible explanations which require further investigation.  We initially decided to check out St Tudno's because we received a reported incident in one of the churches. We plan to return sometime in the future during daylight to investigate further.
28 August 2016 - St Edith's Churchyard, Shocklach
Our third vigil here this year and this time on one of the two possible dates of the alleged 'funeral procession'.  Unfortunately there was nothing significant to report.
st ediths church shocklach august 2016.j
mold road vigil.jpg
10 August 2016 - Wrexham/Mold Road, Pontyblyddyn
We last investigated this location adjacent to Plas Teg back in September 2007.  We carried out a number of drive-bys along the dual carriageway,a complete walk-around the location and also spent some time outside the two entrances to Plas Teg.  Unfortunately there was nothing significant to report.
30 July 2016 - Gwrych Castle, Abergele
Another tip up to Emily's Tower but again the only incident to report was at the Melon House.  A camcorder went out of focus twice and was preceded by a sudden loud ‘thud’ being heard. The ‘out of focus’ issue may have been due to IR light from another camcorder and the ‘thud’ possibly nearby twigs or logs moving/falling.
gwyrch castle vigil.jpg
29 July 2016 - St Edith's Churchyard, Shocklach
Only one minor incident to report from our vigil.  What sounded like gates being opened/closed in a nearby field was heard on two separate occasions. There was nobody else around but could have simply been wind or even cattle.
st ediths churchyard shoclach.jpg
17 June 2016 - The Party Shop, Mold
There were a few interesting incidents reported, but one in particular stood out when a group located in the cellar heard what sounded like 'a chair being dragged' across the floor above at 10:20pm; it appeared that nobody above had made any movement.  However, on review of our audio recordings, we discovered that a guest had actually made their chair produce a 'loud creak' which tallied up with the sound heard in the cellar.
st ediths church shocklach may 2016.jpg
20 May 2016 - St Edith's Churchyard, Shocklach
It has been almost eleven years since our very first vigil here but unfortunately all was very peaceful and quiet with nothing to report.
trevor arms 2016.jpg
10 April 2016 - Trevor Arms, Marford
Our forth vigil at this venue and this time we were joined by reporter Sarah Hodgson from the Daily Post Wales who was keen to find out what's been happening at this 18th century coaching inn.  This time we concentrated on rooms 16 and 30 but there was nothing to report.
pot and kettle rhyl 2016.jpg
21 March 2016 - Pot & Kettle, Rhyl
We held a follow up vigil here after some interesting incidents at our previous visit but unfortunately all was very quiet and there was nothing significant to report.
pot and kettle rhyl 2016.jpg
15 February 2016 - Pot & Kettle, Rhyl
Various activity had recently been reported so we were called out to investigate further.  At 9:55pm, two investigators reported ‘a cold feeling to the back’ in the ladies toilets to which our Flir One thermal imaging camera dropped to -8c and shortly after it stabilised at 8.4c.  We came to the conclusion that this was most likely a software flaw.  Also, an 'unknown substance' appeared in the toilet corridor after we had spent almost an hour investigating this area. We left the corridor shortly after 10:12pm and returned to the area at 10:30pm when it was discovered. Had we just not noticed it beforehand? It seems unlikely but can't be ruled out for sure.  
wynnstay arms wrexham.jpg
7 February 2016 - Wynnstay Arms Hotel, Wrexham 
This ‘never before investigated’ hotel has had numerous accounts of activity reported in room 225.  A female figure has also been seen outside this room and a ‘floating anomaly’ was witnessed by two people outside room 228.  Further along the same corridor, a black shadow/figure was seen walking past the doorway and stopping into a wall.  In room 104, many guests have reported a strong smell of lavender and in the corridor by the kitchens, doors closing and other miscellaneous sounds have been heard when nobody present.  In the bar there are reports of a figure walking through the restaurant area.  During our investigation, we had a few guests and another paranormal group were carrying out their own separate vigil.  Although it was a quiet night we did have a few investigators report creaking, taps and movement coming from room 228 (vacant) at around 10:15pm. Some Ghanon members stayed through until 8am occupying rooms 104 and 225 but there was nothing significant to report.  We are currently discussing plans for a follow up.
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