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vale crucis abbey.jpg
20 November 2004 - Valle Crucis Abbey, Llangollen
A quiet night with not a great deal of activity. The only incident to report was one of our new members claimed that they felt the presence of a young confused boy. We must point out that this was a single person's experience and therefore, could not be measured scientifically. Again, we had some problems with equipment but this may have been caused by the cold temperatures.
the bell inn thetford.jpg
17 October 2004 - The Bell Inn, Thetford, Norfolk
Our vigil covered two rooms of the hotel, the original "haunted" room (Thomas Payne Suite) and room 11 where there has been a lot of recent activity. Although the night was very quiet we did have two incidents with equipment located in room 11. A thermometer was fluctuating for no apparent reason and we had a problem with one of the CCTV cameras.
brassey street school.jpg
11 September 2004 - Former Brassey Street School, Birkenhead 
Some people claim that using equipment can deter any paranormal activity and since we have previously witnessed unexplained incidents whereby equipment was not allocated, we decided it would be worthwhile running a vigil without any equipment. Due to the high winds outside, the loading bay doors in the centre of the building were constantly banging and producing very loud thuds. However, we did have one incident in the reception area at 12:10am, a short voice/breathing sound was heard by three members of the group. Unfortunately, we cannot analyse this sound as we had no equipment!!! But would we have witnessed this event otherwise??
the woodland ellesmere port.jpg
13 August 2004 - The Woodland, Whitby, Ellesmere Port
There have been various reports of recent activity at this popular local pub. In the cellar, a shadow-like figure has been seen, beer barrels have been mysteriously disconnected and a locked winch system appears to unlock and then relock itself. On the stairs leading from the cellar to the bar, there have been reports of "something" rushing past a member of staff. Also, in the bar area, unidentified sounds have been heard and staff members have felt they are being watched whilst near the ice machine. During our vigil, there were a few reported incidents but all were found to be of known causes.
peckforton haunted bridge.jpg
29 July 2004 - Peckforton Hills, Cheshire
The sounds of a horse drawn carriage have supposedly been heard along what is known to the locals as "the haunted bridge". Four pieces of equipment failed or functioned incorrectly during the investigation. Normally we would dismiss these failures as they tend to have "normal" explanations but we felt that it was significant to document this. A few days after the vigil, one of the items of equipment was found to be faulty.
marston moor.jpg
17 July 2004 - Marston Moor, North Yorkshire 
We invited members of North Wales Paranormal Research (group now disbanded) to join us on this investigation which marked the 360th anniversary of the battle. The only two incidents to report were as follows. At 10:15pm, we all stopped suddenly as gunshot-type sounds could be heard, this went on for approximately 8 minutes, it was agreed by all that a more plausible explanation for the sounds could have been fireworks being set off in the distance. The second incident was at 1:15am when we all heard what sounded like "horses hooves" travelling slowly along the main road, as the sounds got closer it became apparent that the sounds heard were of a female walking home with her partner.
adelphi hotel.jpg
13 June 2004 - Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool
There have been several reports of a black shadow-like figure seen walking through the bar and also in the rear service area by an old unused lift shaft. It is said that many years ago, a worker sent the lift down not knowing his colleague was at the bottom; he was crushed to death. The only incident to report from our vigil was two members heard miscellaneous sounds in the rear service area at around midnight, on investigation the source could not be located.
brassey street school.jpg
15 May 2004 - Former Brassey Street School, Birkenhead
The history of this case shows that paranormal activity is relatively high when the weather outside is hot. The conditions for this vigil were perfect but unfortunately it was another quiet night with nothing significant to report.
vale crucis abbey.jpg
17 April 2004 - Valle Crucis Abbey, Llangollen
This vigil will probably be best remembered by a group of nearby campers walking through the grounds with sheets over their heads!! Luckily the rain started to fall which probably scared them off so we managed to hold a decent vigil without too much interruption. There was nothing else significant to report.
plas teg.jpg
28 February 2004 - Plas Teg, Pontyblyddyn
A medium from another paranormal group was present on this vigil whereby some of our members had some interesting experiences. As none of these experiences could be measured scientifically, possible explanations could be that of auto suggestion or hysteria. The only other event to report is a possible sighting of a male figure in the Indian Bedroom, there were two witnesses although one of the members only "saw something in the corner of his eye".
banana warehouse factory birkenhead.jpg
13 February 2004 - Former Banana Warehouse, Birkenhead
Our vigil at this site consisted of all 12 members of the group plus 2 employees from the building who were interested to see how we carry out our investigations. Unfortunately, the night was very quiet and there was nothing significant to report.
mold road vigil.jpg
25 January 2004 - Wrexham/Mold Road, Pontyblyddyn
Situated outside Plas Teg, the A541 dual carriageway has had numerous sightings reported of a lady in white. The only incident to report from our investigation was a loud thud heard in one of the cars which on further investigation was caused by a mobile phone dropping out of one of the member's pockets; the sound was replicated to confirm this. There was nothing else significant to report.
brassey street school.jpg
16 January 2004 - Former Brassey Street School, Birkenhead
This was the first vigil run by Ghanon. Nothing paranormal to report, however there were many orbs recorded by one of the CCTV cameras (it is worth noting that this was the only infra-red camera used, the remainder were non infra-red). As there were some new investigators on the vigil, one member demonstrated to show that these were actually dust particles or moisture reflecting the infra-red light back to the camera as they passed near to the lens. The test was carried out by waving a folder in front of the camera and thus, the orbs would follow the direction of the draught caused by the group member.
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