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19 November 2005 - A Victorian House in Rock Ferry
We were asked to carry out an investigation at a Victorian house in Rock Ferry were there have been various reports of paranormal activity. Although most of the vigil was relatively quiet, some incidents were witnessed. The first took place between 10:35pm and 10:40pm when creaking/footstep-like sounds were heard in the basement/stairwell area. A camcorder placed on the floor above did not pickup any sounds so we are unsure to what the source was. The most active period of the vigil was between 12:28am and 12:59am. Movement of floorboards on the landing area adjacent to the lounge was felt by one investigator on three separate occasions. It was noted during the site survey beforehand that this would occur if someone was walking in the lounge but obviously during the vigil, all attendees where seated, so this was not the case. The only other possible explanation is if the floorboards adjoin to the house next door. Other events witnessed during this session where at 12:38am when two attendees both saw something move quickly in the hall corridor, an icy cold feeling was noted in the same area four minutes later which may possibly have been caused by a nearby draught, although another investigator also had a similar experience at exactly the same time but in a different part of the house.
leasowe castle.jpg
14 to 16 October 2005 Leasowe Castle, Wirral
We spent a full weekend in one of the haunted rooms of a hotel where there have been recent reports of alleged activity. One witness claimed that they refused to stay in the room after hearing a voice in the adjourning corridor, followed by a sudden drop in temperature. Unfortunately our stay was very quiet and there was nothing significant to report.
gwyrch castle.jpg
24 September 2005 - Gwrych Castle, Abergele
A return trip was made to this once thriving castle and we managed to come away with some puzzling incidents - which makes a change! The first incident took place at 10:59pm when three investigators heard what were described as footsteps on gravel at the top of the marble staircase. Other team members also heard similar sounds later on during the vigil, some being likened to animal movement. The footsteps reported by the first three investigators were said to be heavy so it poses the question whether if an animal could have been the source or not. The second incident occurred twice in the Chapel. At 00:04am, an investigator announced on the 2-way radio that the session had ended, a male voice saying "hello" was transmitted but only to team members in the Chapel, but the voice did not belong to anyone in the group. Then again at 00:45am, after an announcement to commence a session, a male voice saying "buzz" was transmitted only to the investigators in the Chapel. We tried to replicate the event but with no similar results. It is highly likely that these incidents were caused by interference but strange nevertheless.
packhorse bridge.jpg
1 August 2005 - Packhorse Bridge & Caergwrle Castle 
There have been several alleged sightings of a figure on the footbridge which stands peacefully over the River Alyn. Shortly after we arrived, we decided to take a walk up to the ruins of Caergwrle Castle which was far from peaceful due to a large number of kids camping out. At the castle ruins, there have been reported sightings of a lady in black wearing a hat and she appears to be floating above ground. The dark figure is said to have been seen along the footpath and in the surrounding woodland. We then returned to the bridge for a while but unfortunately there was nothing significant to report.
marston moor.jpg
16 July 2005 - Marston Moor, North Yorkshire
We made a return trip to Marston Moor where we spent most of our time at Cromwell's Clump and Elstrop Wood. All was quiet and still with nothing significant to report.
st ediths church shocklach may 2016.jpg
3 June 2005 - St Edith's Churchyard, Shocklach 
We held a vigil at a remote churchyard where activity has been reported in recent years. The vigil was very quiet and there was nothing significant to report.
gwyrch castle.jpg
7 May 2005 - Gwrych Castle, Abergele
We were invited by North Wales Paranormal Research (group now disbanded) to a vigil at the castle, a venue that they have been investigating for a number of years. This once thriving castle was last inhabited in 1991 but has unfortunately since been badly vandalised and is now virtually in disrepair. Many parts of the castle are said to be haunted; the most active areas being the marble staircase and the servant's headquarters. The only incidents to report from the vigil was at 10:30pm approx when three investigators had just entered the "garage" area, they briefly saw a bright orange/white light to the side of the castle, on investigation the source of the light could not be found and no other investigators where in that particular area. About five minutes after the event, the same group heard two dog barks. Again there didn't appear to be anyone within the specific area, but interesting to note that the members of the group were close to where the old dog kennels were located.
old hall sandbach.jpg
2 & 9 April 2005 - The Old Hall Hotel, Sandbach
Two vigils were held in Room 11 which is reputedly the hotel's most haunted room. An old lady is said to sit in the chair to the left of the bed and guests have jumped out of bed at around 3am with the sensation of the bed being on fire. Two young girls believed to be prostitutes have been heard giggling and opening doors, objects mysteriously move in the night, and guests taking a bath have felt as though they have been pushed on the shoulders. The most famous sighting is that of the Beekeeper who has allegedly been seen in various parts of the hotel. As for the vigils, both were very quiet and there was nothing significant to report.
deva chester.jpg
12 March 2005 - Deva Roman Experience, Chester
We were given the privilege of investigating what has recently been claimed in a local newspaper as "the most active building in Chester". Unfortunately we were unable to confirm this statement as the vigil was very quiet. However, we did have two incidents reported. The first reported incident was at 11:41pm when one member of the group quietly spoke out, the lights suddenly dimmed. This could not be replicated so possibly just a coincidence. The second incident was reported by one of the guest attendees who claims to have seen a small light appear on the wall of the cellar at 12:59am.
brassey street school.jpg
19 February 2005 - Former Brassey Street School, Birkenhead
A windy night, so it was obvious that there would be plenty of incidents reported. The first incident reported was at 10:40pm when various members experienced a sudden drop in temperature throughout the building. A shadow-like triangle was sighted near to the reception area, and footsteps were heard, followed by a cellar door opening/closing. These three separate incidents were witnessed by various members at the same time, surely Paranormal? Maybe not! One of the groups located on the first floor near the ladies toilets noted a gust of wind travelling up from the stairwell which leads down to the ground floor then on to the cellar. On investigation we noticed a draught under the fire doors located opposite the cellar door. On opening the cellar door, an even stronger draught was emitted. We are almost certain that all three events were triggered by this draught. At 11:39pm, one group who were located on the first floor, witnessed the EM meter (which measures change in nearby magnetic fields) sounding for 20 seconds approx. After reviewing the minidisc recording there was no such sound, although during session breaks, when people passed the meter you could clearly hear it. Looking back at the vigil notes, one member who was located on the ground floor, noted that their camera film had finished and started rewinding, a sound easily mistaken for the EM meter. There were plenty of other sounds heard during the vigil but as mentioned previously, the source was most probably of external origin.
peckforton haunted bridge.jpg
7 February 2005 - Peckforton Hills, Cheshire 
We recently discovered further information about the alleged "haunted bridge" in a guide book written fifteen years ago. Apparently, the ghost of a servant woman walks from the ruins of a stone hut towards the bridge, under her arm she carries her own severed head. Local superstition says that if you see her you will die within the year! The ruins can be found to the right of the bridge, along the sandy track and up the bank on the far side. As for the vigil, there was nothing significant to report. We did leave a digital recorder at the bridge (whilst we made our way up into the hills) in an attempt to catch the sounds of the horse drawn carriage which is supposedly heard crossing the bridge; there was nothing to report after review of the recording.
brassey street school.jpg
22 January 2005 - Former Brassey Street School, Birkenhead
There were many incidents reported (for a change!) during the vigil. Various loud thuds and what sounded like distant music was heard on the first floor but it was later discovered that both of these were created by a crane working on a nearby railway. One member felt that they had been touched on the back and hair (cellar). Footsteps were heard on the far stairwell, although we are well aware that this location is prone to external sounds, and the sound of a door slamming was heard from the same location. The latter incident was witnessed by three members and was thought to originate from the ground floor, but on questioning other team members, no-one else heard the sound. Could this also have been external? The only other incident to note is that the old mystery of the 'heavy footsteps' sound recorded back in October 1999 has been solved and proven.
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