23 November 2017 - Moreton Inn, Johnstown, Wrexham 
We finally got an opportunity to follow up our previous vigil here but with only two minor incidents that were quickly explained, there was nothing to report.
11 November 2017 - Williamson's Tunnels, Liverpool
There was a lot of sound contamination at this location but fortunately most of the reported activity had been visual.  An interesting venue but nothing to report from our investigation.
14 October 2017 - Weir Mill, Stockport
Our second visit to what was a really good venue previously.  All of the floors are no longer open plan having been converted into mazes for Airsoft which has made it very difficult to locate the source of any sound and to whether it is external or not.
9 August 2017 - Farmhouse in Maeshafn, near Mold
This was our third vigil at this venue. Previously we had some interesting audibles but on this occasion all was quiet with nothing really to report.
28 July 2017 - St Edith's Churchyard, Shocklach
Another rainy investigation at this location but thankfully the skies cleared just before 10pm. We had two minor incidents (gate shutting and some light anomalies) but both most likely of natural causes.
10 June 2017 - Private Residence, Wroxeter
Reports of sudden temperature drops and an oppressive atmosphere have been reported on more than one occasion at this location in Shropshire.  What is believed to be Roman soldier’s have also been heard walking past the road outside.  Unfortunately there was nothing to report from our vigil.
20 May 2017 - Marston Moor, North Yorkshire
Seven years since our last vigil here.  We investigated the usual areas of interest but there was nothing significant to report.
15 May 2017 - Former Plaza, Rhyl 
We were called out to check out this venue as there had been some reports of activity but unfortunately there was nothing to report.
6 April 2017 - Tivoli Nightclub, Buckley 
One of our investigators had recently attended a third party vigil here and witnessed some unusual light phenomena in the upper auditorium.  We managed to replicate the incident by directing torches through the air vents directly above the dancefloor below.
21 March 2017 - St Edith's Churchyard, Shocklach
A cold, wet and windy midweek vigil on one of the two possible dates of the alleged 'funeral procession'.  Unfortunately there was nothing significant to report.
17 March 2017 - The Party Shop, Mold 
We returned for a follow up vigil and during a session in the cellar, one of the two way radios changed from channel 6 to 8 even though the key-lock was enabled. On the following session, the same thing happened to another investigator in the same location. Coincidence or some hidden meaning?
5 March 2017 - Clun Mill, Shropshire
Another long haul vigil with a number of incidents, some resolved and some that required further analysis.  After review, the only event we couldn't resolve was a rumbling sound heard in Room 4 @ 1:14am.
10 February 2017 - Newsham Park Hospital, Liverpool
Our long awaited return to Newsham where this time we investigated the Psychiatric Wards, Laundry & Locker Rooms, Ward G and the Naughty Boys Corridor.  After many incidents on our previous vigil here back in June 2014, we were hopeful for some more activity but unfortunately there was nothing significant to report.
7 January 2017 - Nab Cottage, Lake District 
 Three years since over previous vigil here, we were privileged to be given another opportunity to investigate this beautiful cottage up in the Lakes.  There were a few minor audible incidents but nothing really significant enough to report.

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