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trevor arms 2016.jpg
15 December 2015 - Trevor Arms, Marford
This time we focused on the main building investigating the upper floors and later on, the bar and restaurant.  Unfortunately there was nothing significant to report.
weir mill vigil.jpg
20 November 2015 - Weir Mill, Stockport
Shadows, voices and temperature drops are just some of the incidents that have been reported at this old abandoned Cotton Mill which dates back to the 1790's.  We investigated a number of areas within the building but there was nothing significant to report.
private case.jpg
23-25 October 2015 - Private Residence, Wallasey
A full weekend investigation was held whereby visual phenomena had been reported by more than one witness.  Only one incident to report when one investigator thought somebody tapped him on the shoulder in the cellar area.  The footage was caught on camera but neither anything paranormal nor human could be seen to cause the incident.
trevor arms 2016.jpg
17 October 2015 - Trevor Arms, Marford
Since our first visit, one of the residents had witnessed a sighting in Room 18 next to the archway.  Unfortunately we were unable to access this room and not much happened during our vigil.  However, we did solve one mystery from the previous vigil whereby we heard a shuffling/movement in the bar area.  This was heard again and on further investigation, we discovered that an ice machine in the cellar was the cause.
28 September 2015 - Thurstaston Beach, Wirral
The group decided to take a break from "normal" investigations to watch the Total Lunar Eclipse as we did 8 years ago at Dinas Bran in Llangollen.
thurstastoon beach 2015.jpg
trevor arms vigil 2015.jpg
21 August 2015 - Trevor Arms, Marford 
We first inquired to investigate the Trevor back in 2003 and it wasn't until now that we finally got our chance.  A cavalier is said to haunt one of the upper rooms, a young girl has been seen in the bar as has a woman who sits by the fireplace.  Activity has also been reported in some of the rooms at the back of the pub, in particular room 30.  We had one interesting incident during vigil.  During a break, two investigators were located in the upper corridor chatting when a desk drawer suddenly opened of it's own accord.  One other investigator actually seen it open.  We tried to replicate the incident but were unable to do so.
10 July 2015 - St Edith's Churchyard, Shocklach
We had a little battle with the rain but managed to get through the investigation. Unfortunately there was nothing significant to report.
st ediths shocklach july 2015.jpg
20 June 2015 - Gwrych Castle, Abergele 
We focused the investigation on Lady Emily's Tower.  A bright light was seen on the footpath at 11:44pm but video footage did not show this. We also investigated the Melon House towards the end of the vigil when at 1:08am a loud thud was heard which we have yet to explain.
lady emilys tower 2015.jpg
ruthin Gaol 2015.jpg
9 May 2015 - Ruthin Gaol, Denbighshire
Doors slamming, voices and objects disappearing are just some of the many incidents that have been reported here at the Gaol which was built in 1775.  It is said to be haunted by William Hughes who was hanged for the murder of his wife.  Another supposed spirit is that of a young girl called Josephine, thought to be the daughter of a former prison governor.  Interestingly, activity has been reported during the day and night.  However during our vigil there was nothing significant to report.
private case.jpg
27 & 28 March 2015 - Private Residence, New Ferry
We returned for a full weekend investigation but there was only one incident to report when a couple of investigators heard a 'hissing' sound in the master bedroom during the first session on the first night.
penrhyn old hall vigil.jpg
28 February 2015 - Penrhyn Old Hall, Llandudno 
We returned for a third vigil here but it was a very quiet night with nothing significant to report.
moreton inn.jpg
12 February 2015 - Moreton Inn, Johnstown, Wrexham
There have been recent reports of 'poltergeist type' activity in the bar area and some staff feel uncomfortable when going down to the cellar.  We didn't experience anything during our vigil but we did record extremely high EMF readings in the cellar which would explain the 'uncomfortable' feelings.
gwyrch castle tour 2015.jpg
16 January 2015 - Gwrych Castle, Abergele
Organised and attended by Preservation Trust founder Mark Baker, we investigated a number of locations around the castle.  We had two interesting incidents in the Melon House. A loud dull thud was heard at 11:29pm and a male voice was heard by numerous investigators at 12:30am. 
raf tilstock 2015.jpg
4 January 2015 - RAF Tilstock, Prees Heath
A follow up to our vigil here last year.  We arrived at 5am on a very cold and dark frosty morning and it was another interesting visit but there was nothing of any significance to report.
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